American vs european dream

European Dream Malone Wrote: So many different countries here From my travels, every member state of the EU is the pretty much the same. Same basic culture, religion, economy, and quality of life.

American vs european dream

The article has been published by Spiegel Online in July This newspaper article is of great interest to me, since the author claims that the American dream is more capital-oriented whereas the European dream is more likely to be social- and environmental- oriented.

On the one hand, the American society perhaps has a much higher degree of individualism since especially the personal achievement of wealth resulting in individual success is American vs european dream main goal of the dream. In comparison to that, the Europeans, who tend to be more socially-oriented for the benefits for society instead of isolated individuals, follow a dream which can be identified as the opposite of the dream followed across the Atlantic Ocean.

In reference to the newspaper article, I imply that the American dream, and American vs european dream the American society who lives this dream, can be identified as the neo-classicalists concerning their economy whereas the Europeans may symbolize the ecological economists.

It can be stated that there is a great controversy between the two opposites.

Recent survey shows similarities and differences

It could be argued that the Americans put emphasis on growth, but at the same time, they might not pay the attention necessary to their environment due to the fact that the American economy is generally profit-driven and aiming at sustainable development through continuous growth.

In contrast to the U. As a result from the different views of the American versus the European dream, different problems arise which have to be outlined and evaluated separately. Since the American economy could be compared with the neoclassical view, it can be concluded that they simply rely on the fact that their properly functioning market will react in case of serious environmental problems due to the fact that the market will, when the time has come, indicate the scarceness of resources with a rising cost of these resources, this will on the other hand affect their production methods leading towards a greater efficiency, and so on.

So they may say. They forget a simple but very important variable in their model: Their model is an idealistic economical view which implies that there is no resulting waste.

In contrast to that, the American economy tends to neglect the effects of natural degradation. The scarcities of natural resources like clean air, clean water, natural forests, etc. The Americans may not be aware of the fact that these resources cannot be technologically substituted.

A forest can be eroded easily in less than one year but it takes decades to grow it again and there is no technology which can provide the human race with clean air and this is not expected to happen anytime soon.

American Dream vs. European Dream

This argument consequently reveals an error in the reasoning of the Americans relying on their properly functioning market. On the other hand, the European Union seems to be more aware of the fact that man-made capital will not be able to compensate the degradation of the natural resources.

The EU has significantly been showing a fair amount of awareness of the negative influence of economic growth on the natural resources of our planet earth and, therefore, on the environment which is necessary for the human race to survive.

The EU may have recognized the fact that the leading people influencing the economy have to be aware of the fact to preserve a stable and healthy environment for the future generations.

This is assured by legal regulations. Jeremy Rifkin gives the example about energy consumption of the U.

American vs european dream

The European Union has million people compared to million Americans but the Europeans use one-third less energy than the U. It can be concluded from these figures that the European Continent is fairly more dedicated to the efficiency of their use of energy than the Americans are.

In Europe, sustainable development implies a sustainable environment for the future generations. In contrast to the Americans, the EU seems to be more aware of the existing responsibility concerning our children and grandchildren. This responsibility affects and includes every country on this planet but unfortunately, there are just a few countries taking this responsibility.

Since the European Union pays so much attention to the preservation and protection of the environment, the money, time, and efforts invested in these actions and environmental programs are missing concerning other issues. Especially the rising unemployment rate is creating a concern for the Europeans.

It can be concluded that there is no general solution to the environmental issues but it has to be underlined that these problems will become of major importance in the near future. It would be very helpful if the Americans could also start to think more critically about the bad effects of their economy on the global environment.

This does not only include the Americans but also those countries that are still lacking of environmental awareness. It cannot be denied that this might cause some problems in other areas but we all have to start thinking about the consequences of our actions, especially concerning the pollution. To start solving this problem, it could begin with the development of a more efficient use of energy, improving production in a way that results in the elimination of waste at the end of the circle.

The Business Sector is the most flexible sector and therefore, this change is possible. Although it has to be stated that it takes time and also indicated that this behaviour will imply capital resources and therefore, profits might not be as high during the implementation phase.

Finally, we as the countries of this world have take the responsibility for the good of the future generations and we know that our current environmental behaviour will sooner or later cause a big change in the environment which is irreversible.The American Dream Vs European Dream The American Dream Vs European Dream Peanut butter is an effective food to help keep.

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Tend to be many probably essential foods which have occupied this position, such as rice, but truth be told, Dislike eat a lot of rice, but I eat numerous oatmeal. A recent survey of Americans and Europeans about their ideal homes showed some interesting results.

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